jpg_people-293The Town of Slave Lake has been in the news for several weeks. A fast spreading fire burnt several homes and an industrial area. I visited the town on May 29th and felt that as AGGA members we can make a difference in this community. There won't be any flowers in downtown Slave Lake. This area had over 100 planters last year and the plants were supplied by one of the AGGA members - Creative Landscapes, Deborah Stumborg. I asked her how we can help her. She thought that the best way to perk up the spirit of the residents will be to plant flowers.

What started as an idea, became a reality on June 7 at 3:00 p.m. when six cart loads, several hanging baskets and other plant material was loaded into a truck and shipped to Slave Lake on June 8th. The plant material was donated by HighQ Greenhouses, Kuhlmann Greenhouses and Brenneis. Other growers are upset with me that why they were not asked to donate more material? Why they have been left out? I am sure we could have raised several truck loads for this purpose.

Here are some pictures to share with you:


Anita and staff from Kuhlmann Greenhouses are helping to load the truck.



The truck is being loaded with flowering petunias.

I want to express my appreciation to all who contributed plant material and especially thankful to Dietrich Kuhlmann for arranging the delivery of plants to Slave Lake. Special thanks to Deborah Stumborg for looking after the plants in the Town and getting it planted. I hope the residents of Slave Lake will look at the flowers and get a boost in their spirits. Thank you again for all the help from the AGGA.

For more informatin please read the article written in the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader.

submitted by Dr. Moyhuddin Mirza