September 23, 2014

Important Information for Greenhouse Growers - please read!

Hello AGGA members.

Overtime Regulations to be aware of for 2015

As most of you are in preparation mode for spring 2015, there is something the AGGA board of directors would like you to be aware during these planning stages.

During an audit by integrity services (Employment and Social Development Canada) of one of our members this past season, it came to light that the sector of greenhouse floriculture is not covered by the farm exemption from overtime via Alberta Employment Standards. This is in sharp contrast to the Ministry of Agriculture who classifies us as farms. This classification difference has huge consequences. What this means for you is that your staff, including production staff that work more than 44 hours per week, need to be paid overtime at the rate of time and a half, rather than straight time normally used by other sectors in agriculture. This regulation dates back to 1997 and appears to have been relatively unknown and not enforced at the provincial level. This applies to Canadian and Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) alike.

Read more by downloading the document below.