Welcome to the Wholesale Grower Directory maintained by the Alberta Greenhouse Grower Association (AGGA).  This directory lists AGGA grower and associate/allied trade members, however it is not an all-inclusive list of members, only those permitting their information be listed will be found within.

We have a shortlist of categories to enable you to find what you are looking for including greenhouse growers, nursery growers, industry services, supplies as well as greenhouse structures and equipment.

If you wish to be listed in the directory you must be a member.  You can read more about joining AGGA here and sign up using this form.  if you are not already a member.  Existing members need only populate the membership renewal form in the appropriate fields to have their business added to this directory.  Please note this directory is updated once per year (2019 updated January 28).

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Wholesale Greenhouses providing products like bedding plants, cuttings and plugs.  AGGA Members who sell plant products at wholesale rates can be found within this Directory.

Nurseries - primary crop is potted or field grown trees & shrubs.  Please open each member page by clicking the name, in order to see more detail and exactly what crop they grow.  Growers listed in this category sell their products at wholesale to industry related businesses.

Service providers to greenhouse industry and related businesses.

Suppliers for the greenhouse and garden center industry in Alberta.

Suppliers and manufacturers of greenhouse related equipment and structures can be found here.