Herbicide Damage (May 2005)

 CASE 1:

A grower wanted to make his greenhouse parking lot ready for customers. He decided to apply 2,4-D to kill weed. It was hot day and 2,4-D vapors went into the greenhouse. Hundreds of tomato seedlings got damaged. Don't apply any herbicide near the greenhouse at this critical time of sale. Have a look at these pictures. Save them for future reference!

tomato herbicide damage

tomato herbicide damage


tom1A grower called in to report that his tomato seedlings after about 10 days of transplanting are showing what he called "fiddle" heads. He has used some manure as a part of growing mix. Tomatoes are sensitive to herbicides like picloram which can last in manures and soils for several year. Here is a picture for your reference.


bioassayPicture on your right is from a bioassay meaning you take suspected water or growing media and grow established tomato seedlings in there. If the levels are as low as 0.1parts per billion, within 10 days you can see the damage.