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Geranium with pH issuesIt sure is a sign that spring is here. When plants are growing so do the problems. Following problems with the leaves of geraniums were observed in one greenhouse. First look at these pictures and then I will describe the problem and tell you what is wrong:

So, what is wrong with these geraniums?

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Submitted by Dr. M. Mirza (March 2007)

Grey mold could devastate your crop very quickly. It multiplies rapidly due to water sitting on the plants and condensation due to cooler temperatures. Many growers would remove those leaves which causes spores to spread the settle on new growth. Try to avoid humid conditions and many times you have to depend on fungicides.

submitted by Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza (March 2011)

tomato plants suffering from cold temperatures in the greenhouseAs the outside temperature has been consistently cold, tomato growers are reporting plan problems. Many growers have not been able to keep night temperature in the recommended range, that is 20C for the seedlings. A grower reported that tomato seedlings planted in the greenhouse about 3 weeks ago are looking very purple and overall growth is pale yellow and some damage has occurred to lower leaves.

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submitted by Mohyuddin Mirza (January 2012)

cold damageWith the cold weather we have been having, a few issues are emerging which need attention. With outside temperatures below 30C and wind over 20 miles/hour several issues can emerge in the greenhouse:

  • The obvious one is cooler temperature inside the greenhouse and cold spots along the perimeter. Twenty four (24) hours average temperature may drop below the set point and that will cause vegetative crops. A purple color on leaves, thickening of stems and yellowish green color is an indication of temperature dropping to about 12C. Look at the picture:

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submitted by Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza (July 2011)

In late May and early June I was called by a Basil grower to come to the greenhouse and check leaf scorching on potted and leaf Basil. What I mean to say is that we grow two types of Basil. Potted basil, in 4, 6 and 10 inches pots for direct sales and basil leaves and stems for sale through farmers markets and commercial wholesale channels. Here it is how the symptoms looked like:


Geraniums - Leaching Necessary (April 2005)