As a current member of AGGA, your association is pleased to offer you an opportunity for FREE promotion in future newsletters and on this web site.  As you have internet access you are receiving first opportunity for this FREE promotion, other members have to wait to read about it in the newsletter!

What is AGGA going to do as a FREE promotion for you and your business?  Print one 1/2 page (8.5 x 11) Member Profile plus a photo or logo if supplied in each newsletter. This will also be made available on the web site in full color for the world to see, and remain there as long as you are a member. You may notice a link on the right side of this page to a Feature Member (depending if we have member participation), this we intend to change monthly or perhaps bi-weekly providing we have enough profiles to put in place.  Previously Member Profiles have been used in the newsletter only, but written or submitted by a Board Member.

What do we need you to do? Write your own profile and send us a relevant photo! After all, who better to write about you and your business than you? Some tips:

  • Keep it simple, mention who, what and where you are - any specialties, how long in business, how long with AGGA (important to mention as we have 'anniversary' ideas in the works too!) Are you a brand new member? Tell us why you joined in the first place, maybe you have special challenges in your business or have achieved great success - brag about it! Got a web site, include the address. Remember, a half page of text is the maximum.
  • For photos or graphics, send us a photo of your 'storefront', yourselves, your staff or a particular area of your business that you are proud of. People love to see people, but we wish you to only include shots of people if it is you or your staff - no children please. No photo on hand suitable? No problem, send us your logo or perhaps a photo of your sign at the gate or driveway.
  • Make sure you send us the largest and highest resolution photo or graphic possible as when printing quality is everything! For the web, we can achieve almost anything but for print we need quality. Questions, just contact the webmaster.
  • Send us your Profile at your leisure, but keep in mind we plan to print the first one received this time around in the next newsletter - so be the first!  All others will be placed on the web site as we receive them. Not to worry about making it pretty - we'll do that for you placing your text and graphics in a template page for the sake of consistency. No need to write in a fancy program, your welcome to write the text portion in an email and attach your photo or graphic to the email and send. Send in virtually any format you find convenient - if in doubt check with the webmaster. But we can only accept them via email or through submission in the members section of this site, due to time constraints digital only is the way we can go with this.